2020 Executives

Nathan Whear


Oliver Hutchinson

Vice President & Secretary

Scott Warner


Grace Johnson

Head of Sponsorship and Outreach

Charlotte Von Koppenfels

Events Manager

Ignat Georgiev

AI Team Manager

Craig Martin

IC Technical Manager

Wilson Moji

IC Chassis Team Manager

Mike Chester

IC Electronics Team Manager

Pierre-Andre Belle

IC Powertrain Team Manager

Harry Simpson

IC Suspension Team Manager

Marton Rossen

IC Bodywork Team Manager

Julian Stachura

IC Testing Team Manager

Erik Martensson

AI Hardware Manager

Izzy Lyseggen

AI Vehicle Dynamics Manager

Mikhail Gorbunov

AI Powertrain Manager

Michal Dauenhauer

AI Electronics Manager

Vivek Raja

AI Perception Manager

Ignat Georgiev (temp)

AI Localisation & Mapping Manager

Rokas Giedraitis

AI Planning & Control Manager

Peter MacGregor

AI Software Infrastructure Manager