Chassis and Aerodynamics

One of the most important (and biggest) subteams. Tasked with designing, manufacturing and testing the chassis, bodywork and downforce-generating devices. The goal is to design the smallest and lightest possible frame without sacrificing the rigidity and safety of the car. Members of this subteam will have to research into design techniques and materials, design the chassis; learn and use CAD software and simulate the aerodynamics of the car; manufacture and testing. Involves strict coordination with other subteams and lots of hands-on experience(lots of welding). Additionally, the team is responsible for configuring the optimal comfort and position for the driver to comply with the rules. This includes designing an adjustable seat, pedal box and steering rack and installation of the safety belt harness among other safety devices.
Potential projects:
-Research into alternative chassis materials (eg. carbon fibre monocoque)
-Assist in the manufacture of chassis (lots of cutting and welding!)
-Design torsional stiffness test rig to verify computer simulations​
-Design and manufacture mounts for a variety of things (eg. Engine, diff carrier, pedal box, suspension etc)
-Shifter handle – design and manufacture
-Cockpit safety measures – (harness, headrest, fireproofing)
-Bodywork manufacture
-Incorporation of paddle shifter into a steering wheel
-Helping manufacture the ergonomics jig
-Design and manufacture of the test rig to test 3D printed steering wheel to destruction​


Responsible for everything electrical on the car. Works closely with Powertrain to ensure that the engine works optimally and that the wiring of the car is done properly. Additioanlly, researches, designs and builds telemetry for the car like: dashboard, on-board computer, various sensors(wheelspeed, gyroscopes, etc.). Involves plenty of programming, system engineering design, learning engine control circuitry, PCB design and manfucature.
Potential projects:
-Research and design of steering and suspension position sensors
-Brake and tyre temperature sensors
-Research and installation of wheel speeds sensors ​
-Real-time wireless monitoring ​
-Steering wheel dashboard​
-Power distribution ​
-Heads-up display in helmet ​
-ECU design and programming
-Electrical gear shifting


Works closely with Chassis and Electronics teams​
Responsible for mechanical parts of the engine and it’s subsytems, as well as dynamometer testing of the engine and subsequent engine tuning/mapping.​
Also responsible for the car’s driveline; chain, sprockets, differential, and driveshafts.
Potential projects:
-Gear shifter design and manufacture
-Fuel tank – design and manufacture
-Researching and optimising throttle control
-Driveshaft refinement
-Differential reseach, installation and tuning
-Differential mount – design and manufacture
-Engine mounts – help with installation


Responsible for design and manufacture of all suspension components and wheel assemblies on the car. Main tasks include design and manufacture of suspension elements – uprights, hubs, bell cranks, disk brakes. Possibilities to assemble and tune shocks and dampers, camber, steering rack, braking system. Involves learning about CAD, manufacturing processes, material characteristics and fields testing.
Potential projects:
-Wheel assembly
-Brake rotor and disks – design, manufacture and testing
-Uprights – design and manufacture
-Wheel hubs – design and manufacture​
-Steering geometry – design ​
-Simulink and MATLAB simulations
-Research into potential shock replacements/improvements
-Refinement and adjustment of shocks, camber and castor