Why join us?

Gain practical experience by applying classroom knowledge from university courses to a real racecar. Build your interpersonal skills while working in a diverse and multicultural team. Learn about project and time mangement, teamwork, budgeting and presentation.

Kickstart your career by developing sought after skills in industry and grow your network and job opportunities with the help of our industrial partners and connections.

Meet new interesting people, travel and have fun while building a kickass racecar. Similar to an f1-team, we attend competition over the world and develop an excitig synergy between our amazing members.

Our team consists of three divisions suiting a variety of intersts: the internal combustion (IC), the electric powertrain (EV) and the autonomous (AI) team. All branches have their own challenges and unique plans for the years to come. One might think that these projects are engineering related, but in reality, our team requires members from all disciplines; from marketing and business to art and photography, there is a place for everyone regardless of degree or year of study!
Thank you for your interest in us!
Applications are now closed but if you’re still keen on joining, feel free to drop us an email and you might get lucky! 😉


Old is gold. Well, at least a few billion pounds. The internal combustion (IC) team is the classic team. This team designs and manufactures a traditional race car aiming to create a racehorse in every sense of the word – except the literal. The team consists of many subteams, and they all work together to form our ultimate single-seat race car.

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The future is electric. It is all over the news, and it is true in the case of Formula Student as well! Having mastered combustion engines, we are now looking to get into the exciting field of electric cars! Electric cars offer faster performance and better handling while also being better for the environment. This year we will be retrofitting one of our existing cars with an electric powertrain and then handing off the car to the AI guys to make it autonomous!


Sci-fi meets reality in the form of EUFS AI. This team seeks to develop a fully driverless car which can race around any unknown course! This project combines the field of Artifical Intelligence, robotics, electrical and control engineering and mechanical engineering into one of the most cutting-edge and innovative student projects yet! So join us as we respond to the rise of autonomous cars in the only way we know how – with curiosity, enthusiasm and dedication.

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