Why join us?

Gain practical experience by applying classroom knowledge from university courses to a real racecar. Build interpersonal relationships while working in a diverse and multicultural team. Develop soft skills such as project and time management, teamwork, budgeting and presentation.
Kick-start your career by developing sought after skills in the industry and grow your network and job opportunities with the help of our industrial partners and connections.
Meet new, interesting people by attending the annual FSUK competition in Silverstone. This experience is an opportunity to develop beneficial relationships with enthusiastic team members.
EUFS consists of two teams working on two different cars, suiting a variety of interests: the Class 1 team and AI Team. Both their own challenges and unique plans for the years to come. One might think that these projects are engineering related, but in reality, our team has historically been enhanced members from all disciplines; from marketing and business to art and photography. There is a place for all dedicated members regardless of their degree or year of study!
Thank you for your interest in us!
Applications are now closed for the 2020/21 season, and successful members will be notified soon!

Class 1 Team

The Class 1 team is the original venture that EUFS embarked on in 2014 and is our primary platform to develop our performance-based designs. Submit an application for a wide range of interesting technical sub-teams from chassis and suspension to electronics and testing!

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AI Team

The AI team develops an autonomous electric racecar. This is one of the most diverse projects on campus combining the fields of robotics, mechanical and electrical engineering, electronics, software development and machine learning. Submit an application if you want to be part of a ground-breaking and innovative student project!

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