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We Build Race Cars

Who are EUFS?

A team of students with a passion

EUFS (Edinburgh University Formula Student) was established in 2014 by a group of undergraduate students of various disciplines at the University of Edinburgh. The team’s goal each year is to design and build a single seat racing car to compete at multiple Formula Student competition around the globe.

The team now has over 50 team members across a variety of sub-teams, from Chassis, Suspension and Engine to Electronics, Driverless and Business. The society teaches team members to apply what they have been taught at university to a real life engineering project, allowing the students’ designs to be manufactured and used on the car. Furthermore, the project demands many interpersonal skills – including team management, effective communication and scheduling.

The project is solely funded by sponsorship raised by the team, which is crucial to remain present and competitive within the competition. EUFS continues to build upon the successes of previous years with the aim of maximising our points awarded at the competition each year.

What is Formula Student?

A unique opportunity for students

Formula Student is an international competition which promotes careers and excellence in engineering, by challenging university students to design, build, develop and market a single seat race car. Multiple competitions are hosted around the world each year, ranging from the United States, Germany to the UK.

Formula Student attracts entries from universities all over the World. For the universities, Formula Student represents a valuable project that blends academic work and learning with the development of practical engineering skills. Engineering and Technology companies know just how important the continuing supply of high-quality engineers is to their success. Formula Student graduates enter the employment market with a wealth of real experience to prepare them for success in that career.

For the purpose of the competition, the students are to assume that a manufacturing firm has engaged them to produce a prototype car for evaluation. The intended sales market is the non professional weekend autocross or sprint racer. Therefore, the car must have very high performance in terms of its acceleration, braking, and handling. The car must be cost and fuel efficient, easy to maintain and reliable. Competing teams are judged in both static and dynamic events.

01. Design

As with everything in engineering, the first step is to envision what is needed. This means that we spend countless hours over the design board sketching every single part of the project. Our aim is to design as much as possible from scratch. Each year we broaden our horizons and replace a pre-build part with our very own design with the hope of it to perform better.

02. Manufacture

After we are done with our sketches it comes time to manufacture our vision. We strive to do all we can in-house, be it constructing the chassis, 3D printing a part or etching a PCB. When we reach our and the Universities limits we are required to outsource the manufacturing proccess.

03. Build

The final piece of the puzzle is to put everything together. This is the time when the whole team is involved and spirits are high. Every single member can see his year-long work finally be put in its rightful place – on the race car! Now, after a year of hard work it’s time to hit the race track!